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24+ Hour Flawless Coverage Foundation

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Finally, a long-lasting foundation that you can count on! Create the perfect canvas and transform your skin for 24+ hours with LAST & FOUND[ATION] - the long-wear, waterproof liquid formula from WUNDER2. This lightweight foundation remains ultra-comfortable and flexible on the skin, ensuring your base stays fresh & nourished all day. With just a small amount of product you can be confident your skin will remain glowy, natural, waterproof, transfer-proof and even pillow-proof after those late nights! Guaranteed to give you that flawless ‘lit from within’ look!
LAST & FOUND[ATION] is created using innovative Tri-Plex Technology. Three levels of the formula work together to do 3 distinct things:
  • It is a high coverage product with a breathable film-former that allows it to be waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof for 24+ hours
  • It remains flexible and comfortable on the skin, meaning it ‘moves’ with the skin rather than ‘masking’ it. It also grips to other makeup products applied over the top – making them long-wearing too!
  • It provides a natural glow with a polymer called POLYGLOW leaving the skin looking flawless

how to use


24+ Hour Flawless Coverage Foundation

- After applying moisturizer or primer, dot LAST & FOUND[ATION] onto the forehead, each cheek & chin. 
- Blend evenly in an outward motion using a damp WUNDERBLEND sponge.
- Reapply and build up over problem areas.
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