wunder kiss professional

WUNDERKISS Professional

Lip Plumping Gloss


$ 42.95

Looking for hydrated lips that are perfectly plumped and pouty? Look no further than WUNDERKISS PROFESSIONAL! You control your level of plump when you activate the product by injecting the Plumping Booster one level at a time (low, medium or high) into the Plumping Gloss to give your lips instant volume and shine. Prep your lips with WUNDERKISS Controlled Lip Plumping Gloss and leave it by itself or dab it off after a few minutes and apply your favorite lip color. 

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how to use

WUNDERKISS Professional

Lip Plumping Gloss

  • Open both the Lip Plumping Booster and Gloss & put caps to the side.Choose Your Level of Plump. We recommend you start with Level 1 and build to higher levels after a few applications. 
    Level 1 Low tingle and light plumping
    Level 2 Medium tingle and medium plumping
    Level 3 High tingle and extreme plumping
  • Insert Booster tip into the WUNDERKISS Lip Plumping Gloss. Slowly press down on the plunger up to the first line. Mix booster into the gloss by moving wand up and down for 20 seconds. Repeat these steps if you decide to build to a higher level
  • Apply the WUNDERKISS Lip Plumper to your lips. You will feel a heating and cooling sensation & that is when you know it is working on the lips!
    Tip: For best results, prep your lips with WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub.
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